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Arndale and the Northern Quarter

31 July 2015
Arndale and the Northern Quarter

We’re into our fourth week of reviewing the key areas for eating and drinking in our great city, Manchester.  This week, we look at the Arndale area and the Northern Quarter.

Northern Quarter
The Northern Quarter may no longer be ‘new’, but it is still the most ‘edgy’ and vibrant area of town.  People generally head to the area for the cheery atmosphere and the great choice of bars - there’s a fantastic selection of independent bars, all with their own quirks and improvisations, from using comics as wallpaper to specialising in local live bands, and some of them even brew their own beers!

The prices aren’t expensive, but they aren’t cheap either, meaning that the area is not full of screaming students – which is either a pro or a con, depending upon how you look at it!  The only downside to the area is that there isn’t a great amount of outdoor seating – though that hasn’t proven to be much of a problem this summer…

Food wise, there’s also a lot of small and quirky independent restaurants.  Some of which –like dough - have grown from being fairly small niche restaurants to being well established and looking for space to expand.  Most of the food in the area is dependable, and this is probably the area to come if you’re after organic, vegan or vegetarian food.  

Arndale Centre
When I say ‘the Arndale centre’, it doesn’t mean I’m about to rave about the Greggs in the shopping centre – rather there is an ever growing number of artisan chefs and specialist eateries which are taking over the food hall in the market area, and expanding out towards the northern quarter. 

There’s places that specialise in grilled cheese, a Mexican diner that my friend swears by, Canadian Poutine, and all manner of great, fresh, home-made produce – the area is genuinely worth a visit, though is probably better for lunch than tea.

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