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Manchester - Home of the worlds best fighter

30 November 2015
Manchester - Home of the worlds best fighter

So the weekend has passed and not only do Britain have the best team of tennis players in the world (apparently a team only needs one good player these days?), but we – that is, Manchester, but also the UK – is now officially the home of the new boxing Heavyweight Champion of the World

For anyone unsure about what that means, let me fill you in: boxing is an old medieval sport which involves two big guys standing in a cage and hitting each other in the face until one of them falls over, gets bored, or scared, or all of the above.  Of course, for the times when no one either gets scared or bored, there is also an inane points scoring system which, as far as I can work out, involves rolling dice and saying some magic words.

I had the misfortune to be in a place where they were screening the ‘BIG’ fight on Saturday night.  One of my boxing friends reminds me that it was an epic result and that Tyson fought a very brilliant tactical battle, but I have to admit that I was somewhat disappointed: it was actually a pretty boring affair for the non-connoisseur – I mean, how can you call it a fight if there were only about six punches landed in 45 minutes?! 


Seriously, it was so tedious that I don’t think you’d even end up in detention if you did that sort of ‘fight’ at school.  And you wouldn’t be known as ‘the hardest guy in school’ - you’d probably get ridiculed for doing all that prancing around!

But that aside, obviously it’s great news for the city to have another champion, another set of accolades to add to the list, and the chance for Manchester to welcome hordes of boxing fans from around the globe for Fury’s next fights.

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