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Eat out to help out - Support our City Centre!

30 July 2020
Eat out to help out - Support our City Centre!

It's time to get back outside again – the Government have announced a post-covid scheme to get people back eating and slurping in the city centre, and it seems to be a big win for both restaurant-loving customers AND the restaurant industry.

Eat out to help out Manchester

The aim is to get people to ‘eat out to help out’ on the normally quiet Monday to Wednesday period of the week – the Government will pay 50% of the cost of the meal (excluding alcohol) for every meal or coffee or cake bought in a café or restaurant, up to a maximum of £10 per person. The restaurant owners obviously get full restaurants and full prices for the food (albeit with a little paperwork to complete), so they win too.

The big dilemma facing customers, then, is whether to buy double the amount of food (since you’re only paying half for it), or whether to visit twice as many restaurants!

Another added bonus is that it now even makes sense to bring along your miserable friend who will only have a starter, since they will still get you £10 worth of half-priced food! (Obviously subject to social distancing rules, and if they are allowed to sit with you). Kids can also tuck into the kids meals and get £10 off the family bill.

Of course, someone will have to pay for the food, so it’s coming back around in taxes eventually, and there has been criticism of the scheme because it gives free money or food to people who are eating out in restaurants - and offers no support to those who literally can’t afford to eat out.

It’s only running for the month of August, but it’s a great way for people to support the many brilliant bars, restaurants and cafes in our city centre - so get out there, book a meal or a lunch or a coffee (after months with the shutters down, these places NEED our support).

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