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Does Tripadvisor know Manchester

30 July 2015
Does Tripadvisor know Manchester

Does TripAdvisor know Manchester?  The global aggregator of travellers (or locals) views and opinions is famous for its useful lists of the best places in the area, but based on their current results, it’s difficult not to wonder:  has he/she/it ever even been near the city?!

The current top ten ‘Best restaurants in Manchester’ on Tripadvisor (of an astonishing 1,682 venues in Manchester!) are:

Eastern Bloc records (City centre - Northern Quarter area)
Fazenda Rodizio (City centre - Deansgate area)
Punters at 186 (Swinton)
Dougies Takeaway (Caribbean - Hulme)
Saray (Chorlton)
La Delicatezze Di Bruno (Clayton)
Alexandros Greek Restaurant (Wythenshawe)
MyLahore (City centre - Oxford Road area)
Turtle Bay (City centre - Northern Quarter area)
Lotus Vegetarian Kitchen (Withington)

From first inspection, Tripadvisor may have some very well-rated restaurants, but seriously, if you stopped anyone in the street, I’m pretty sure that they’re unlikely to name many of those in their personal top ten restaurants of Manchester?!

No disrespect to any of the venues – which have all very much earned their place in the rankings with at least forty ‘4.5 star’ ratings from TripAdvisor users – but I can’t help but think that TripAdvisor is fundamentally flawed and appears to be easily skewed.  

I imagine that many people give Eastern Bloc a great rating for its food is at least partly because they do a brilliant job with music and records (though reviewers rave about their coffee too!)

It seems people give top marks to their friends and their local venues without much thought for the e.g. American businessman, French family of four, or even Southerners, who must march around the city, following the advice of TripAdvisor to hit the ‘best’ restaurants.  

I’ve never been to Dougie’s Takeaway (which does “incredible Caribbean food and flavours”), but hopefully it is in a nice part of Hulme?  Likewise, I hope that Alexandros Greek restaurant (“the best Greek food in the city”) is worth the trip out of town to Wythenshawe – it’s certainly not easy to get to.

Which venues in Manchester would you recommend to tourists?  @CityCardMCR


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