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FC United need our help

30 March 2016
FC United need our help

It’s very rare that there’s a blog written about Manchester which doesn’t pay homage to the two biggest clubs in the area, but for those of you who are –like my dad – ‘sick to the back teeth of paying through the nose to watch stupendously over-paid flamboyant nancies’, or – like my brother – ‘tired of the ever-growing overburdening corporisation of football’ – then you might be interested to hear that here in Manchester, there is another way.

FC United make a big thing out of being ‘owned by the fans’ and how every penny spent on a match-day or in the club shop will actually end up being spent supporting the club (as opposed to fattening up some distant un-interested American family).  But it’s not just in the money that FC United are doing things right (and, by the way, they don’t have a sponsor across their chest, because they don’t want to sell out) – the club also invest so much time and energy in – wait for it – actually engaging with their supporters and the local community.

Their training facilities are open to the public, and hired out so that other people can benefit from the club.  They have a myriad of youth and alternative teams (to spread the love of the game), and their admission policy of paying as much as you care to pay to watch the match – literally – and even cheaper for kids, OAP’s and the unemployed means that everyone can get involved.  You don’t have to buy the club shirt, and you won’t need a second job to be able to buy a round of tea on a cold afternoon in the stadium.

Put simply, FC United is a community project which works for the community.  They do so much good, that I have no hesitation in plugging their most recent campaign: they are trying to raise £15k on a Crowdfunding page, so that they can have additional training facilities and places for their team of volunteers to shelter from the rain.  As I write this, they’re real close to their minimum target, which will mean that their plans can become a reality (but they can always use more money, so pledge anyway).  Please take a few moments to support this amazing cause at: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/kitoutthecabin

FC do so much good in their local community, and for Manchester, that it’s nice to be able to try and show our support for them.

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