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Finally, some GOOD news...!

29 June 2016
Finally, some GOOD news...!

It’s been one misery after another for pretty much the whole of the last month – and that’s from a sporting, political, economic and even weather perspective – so we felt compelled into throwing some good news out into the world of social media today.

There’s doom and gloom from Brexit – where we still don’t have a plan, plus bombs going off, that terrible result of the England National football team making history by losing to a country with a population smaller than Salford, the FTSE 100 tanking (and taking our pension pots and currency down with it), etc… etc… all washed down with a traditionally bad English summertime.

It’s enough to get anyone bogged down, so just take a moment, close your eyes (after reading this paragraph), take a deep breath, and prepare for some rare good news.  Go on, and relax:

For the next just under 34 hours, we’re offering you the chance to grab a 12 month CityCard for half-price.  That means it cashes in at an incredible £27.50, or, to put that another way, just £2.30 a month, or, to put it another way, just 53 pence per week! 

When you can save 20% off a restaurant meal (say, a meal for two at Chaophraya is £25 = saving of £5) then that means that you only need to use your CityCard once every two months for it to pay for itself!  Easy!

So what are you waiting for?  Click on the ‘Sign Up’ tab on our site and use the promocode HOTCAKES to grab one now!

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