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It is all about the football

29 January 2016
It is all about the football

As much as we try to keep away from writing about it, there are some things which are, quite simply, inescapable – and being based in Manchester, talking about football is one of them! 

Of course, the main reason we don’t blog about it is that it divides the city somewhat, and we wouldn’t want to put fans of either colour off getting a CityCard because they think we support the other side (some people really do feel that strongly!).  However, thankfully, similar to the rest of the city, our office is divided down the middle (and there is a miserable Stockport County fan in the office for good measure!) which means that there is often good ‘banter’ after a weekend of shock/odd/disappointing/humiliating results.

It’s an interesting time in Manchester, football-talk-wise: the red half are obviously getting increasingly disappointed, frustrated and bored by Louis van Gaal and his dire tactics.  A loss tonight against championship Derby County would surely be the writing on the wall.  Even a win might not be enough if they aren’t convincing, and don’t manage to get at least double-figures for shots on target.

On the other half, Blue fans are being put through the mill again: if they can only find their consistency, then the Premier League title is theirs for the taking – but, this being Man City, consistency is never a given, and they’re the sort of team who prefer to win things in the dying minutes of the last game of the season (Aguerooooo!), than to do things the easy way. 

And regardless, Pelligrini will be getting sacked at the end of the season even if he somehow manages to get City to win the World Cup.  If you believe the things you read in the papers, Guardiola is coming, and he’s bringing Messi and Neymar with him! (which pretty much guarantees us at least another year of exciting Monday morning chat about football!).

Yes, Manchester IS football.

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