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Who should we add

27 October 2015
Who should we add

Every so often, members of the CityCard team go to venues which – shock, horror – aren’t already official CityCard partners.  Often, or mainly, because we get dragged to places by our respective other halves, or friends, or friends of other-halves, or even other-halves of friends. 

But none the less, we end up in new venues from time to time, and we always feed back to the rest of the team.  Sometimes the reviews are not so great – there are a lot of average restaurants out there – but sometimes, the lucky employee will come in buzzing about a brand new venue.  It might be the food, the music, the genuine fun on offer, or even just an atmosphere, but they come in raving about a venue and everyone wants to know all about it.

Sometimes it only takes one visit from one employee (who we trust!) to sell it to the team, but sometimes we all head out there to have a look for ourselves and see if they’re worthy of becoming a CityCard partner: we’re not just looking for any old venue, but places which we think our members will love! (our members are typically very important and busy people, who don’t always have the time or the inclination to waste evenings visiting places that are only average!)

This weekend just gone, we had two great ideas of places to add – including an amazing new restaurant – which we’ll now work hard at approaching, cajoling and befriending to help you, the CityCard members to make the most of this great city.

Do you know somewhere brilliant which isn’t on CityCard yet?  If you do, why not recommend them and receive two months’ free CityCard membership (if we add them) - @CityCardMCR

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