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Signing up for the Summer

27 July 2016
Signing up for the Summer

We’ve recently noticed an influx of new members to CityCard – in part due to our CSR agenda of supporting a number of employees in the public sector or key not-for-profit organisations, and in part due to new subscribers who are preparing for the summer in Manchester – so now is a great time to remind you all about how you can interact with CityCard!

Follow us on twitter

Firstly, we run twice daily reminders of the great offers you can access using your CityCard – and given that we have over 150 offers, that means that it takes about 3 months to get through them all!  We’ve also got a few flash offers which we only publicise via twitter, and we notify you when we update our blog – so follow @CityCardMCR to get all our latest news!  We're on facebook too!

Let us know how you’re using your CityCard!

We love to hear about where, when and how you’re using your CityCard – so don’t forget to include us (@CityCardMCR) when you’re making great savings across the city.  We RT or like almost every happy tweet we receive.  (Plus, at the end of the year, you can add up the number of times you used your CityCard, and how much you saved!)

Also, why not use Twitter to let us know which venues you think we should try and get to sign up to CityCard!

Write us a review – win £10 Amazon or iTunes voucher

If you’re visiting a CityCard venue, why not write us a review for our website?  It only needs to be a max of 250 words, and if it gets published we’ll gift you a £10 amazon or iTunes voucher :)

Sign up. Download. Save.

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