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Guilty Christmas Market secrets

26 November 2015
Guilty Christmas Market secrets

Another day, and another surprise at the CityCard offices: earlier today, we were discussing the Christmas markets, and one of our, ahem, ‘tough’ guys admitted that whenever he goes, he HAS to go to the chocolate-fruit stalls and get himself a chocolate coated banana on a stick?! – which naturally got us talking about the our own guilty secrets!

One of our managers – who shall remain nameless, but they know who they are – has got a horde of the Christmas markets mugs (You know the ones: they get filled with mulled wine, but you have to pay a deposit on them).  Now, you can imagine that having one from each year as a souvenir seems fair enough – maybe even a bit sweet actually – but having at least 3 mugs from each year??!  And they’re mostly in dusty boxes in the attic?!

In a similar vein, another of our team admitted that they can’t go past a crepe stand without buying one.  Like, literally.  One night, they had six crepes?!

And me, well, I have to admit that I am particularly partial to the sausages and the beer – they’re the things that get me full that Christmassy feeling, and put a smile on my face.  But, disappointingly, only in normal amounts, so that’s not much of a guilty secret.

But what are your dirty secrets about the Manchester Christmas markets?  We’d love to find out?

Oh, and as an aside, we’d like to know who the heck is it that ever buys anything from the cheese and salami stalls? We figured that those shop-keepers must get very cold and depressed at this time of year, because we’ve never seen anyone buying anything from them???!

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