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Subscription - £5, Saving - £8

26 April 2016
Subscription - £5, Saving - £8

Hi.  I‘m Sarah and I am a new CityCard member – they offered me cash to write an article about how CityCard works, and my first experiences of using it, so here goes!

I’ve never actually been in any clubs before (as far as I can remember – maybe I was in a holiday kids club way back when, one summer), so I was kind of excited to be joining one!  I signed up based on something that one of my work colleagues said, but also after spending a fair chunk of time perusing the CityCard website. 

Most of the offers looked quite intriguing, and I was interested to see if it worked.  There’s so many things which you read about online which can turn out to be too good to be true…  But CityCard is not one of them.  But I did do it partly because there’s no contract, and I can cancel my subscription at any time.

I first used my CityCard at Rosso in Manchester.  It’s a restaurant I’ve always wanted to go to, but nevere quite made it there – but the special CityCard offer to save 20% off food helped to get me over the line.  I hate to say it, but I actually had my calculator app out at one point to work out how much things were when you took off 20%.  Not sure if my boyfriend was impressed with that, but he was certainly impressed at the end of the night, when the bill arrived!

I wasn’t entirely sure how to explain I had a CityCard, but I made sure I told the waiter at the start (and showed him my Smartphone CityCard) and he did all the rest.

Between two of us, we only had a main meal and a drink each, which meant we were able to get a CityCard discount of £8.  When you consider that I only pay £5 a month, then I’ve already more than made my membership fee back in just one night – and there is so much left of the month to go at!

I like CityCard for bars as well as restaurants, and I’ve also used it to save some money at the Palace Theatre next month – so I’m already feeling like a winner with my CityCard, and it’s been great for getting me out of the house and exploring parts of Manchester which I wouldn’t’ve sought out if I wasn’t a CityCard holder :)


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