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Review - Lance by Kieran Hodgson

26 February 2016
Review - Lance by Kieran Hodgson

As the main avid non-fair-weather cyclist in the CityCard office, I was super thrilled and excited when I got invited to attend a production of ‘Lance’ – a performance based around the life and times of the now disgraced multiple Yellow jersey not-winning Lance Armstrong – and even more thrilled when I realised that it was a show which was nominated as one of the best comedy shows of the Edinburgh Fringe, as well as being noted as the ‘best comedy of the year’ by no less than the Guardian.

So I started the evening with a sense of excitement, and I was not disappointed!  Far from being about the miserable disgrace that is Mr Amstrong, the show traced the much more real (and believable) life of Kieran Hodgson – also the shows sole actor, writer and director. 

Kieran is an outstanding character performer, and, with a polished script, solid premise, and affable nature, he was genuinely funny at every turn.  With multiple identities and great use of stage props – including an exercise bike on stage! – Kieran had both me and my non-cyclist girlfriend laughing – literally – from start to finish.

The show compares brilliantly with any other comedy show I’ve ever seen, and tickets priced at just £12 offer supreme value for an emphatic night out in an intimate venue.  It was certainly far, far better than multiple £60 comedy shows I’ve attended in the past, and it is surely only a matter of time until this character-actor-writer-director-comedian gets more than mainstream cameo roles. 

By the end, Lance is deservedly ridiculed, and Kieran Hodgson is the real winner.  I believe in Kieran Hodgson!

Sadly it is no longer on in Manchester, but you can still catch it around the country.

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