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Welcome to the new website!

25 March 2015
Welcome to the new website!

We're ridiculously excited to finally have it up and running after months of hard work and preparation.  Now we've just got the difficult task of maintaining it, and getting as many of our members involved as possible over the coming months!

We have big plans for the future...            

- Events

We want to start running exclusive member-only events, to make having a membership so much more rewarding.  We'll be organising special visits to our partner venues, as well as 'flash deal' nights, guest speakers, a Manchester walking tour, private gallery viewings and much, much more.  If you have any ideas then get in touch

Once we've built our reputation up a bit, we want to become the go-to group for new restaurants opening up in Manchester who want to fill their venue on opening nights - it should mean a busy night for them, and also a free night for you, so it's well worth keeping an eye on!

- Your card on your smartphone

This is another feature we'll be rolling out over the next few weeks hopefully, with our developers hard at work trying to make our downloadable card work on all smartphone platforms!  It should mean that you can access the deals even if you don't have the physical card with you!

- Monthly Subscriptions

With our new digital card, we'll be able to roll out monthly subscriptions - something we wnated to bring in just to show what fantastically good value the card is!  From as little as £4 a month you can have access to the CityCard deals - and you can save more than that in just one meal out at one of the fancy restaurants we have listed!  We think at £4 its an absolute no-brainer!

- Bigger, Better Deals

With the new site comes new opportunities - we'll be out there showing it off to Manchester brightest and best bars, restaurants, entertainment venues and spas and trying to get them to give you guys a fantastic offer too!

- More Interaction

We want the website to kickstart a new period of engagement with you guys - we want you to follow us on twitter and facebook, and start letting us know what deals you want to see, where, and when!  Let us know about your good experiences, what you loved and what you hated, and we'll do all we can to either pass on the feedback or resolve any issues you may have faced!

- More Reviews

This is something we want our members to help us with!  This blog will be the perfect platform for restaurant or venue reviews - whether its a brand new bar opening up, or a re-visit to the Ice Rink - we want to help shed light on whats good and great in Manchester.  We'll be asking for your contributions, and maybe even chipping in for you to quaff champagne at Epernay, so that we can get your honest feedback and reviews.  If you're a budding journalist, get in touch!

Any comments?  Something you need to say?  Tweet us @CityCardMCR and we'll gladly join the discussion with you! :)  (PS. Even if you have nothing to say then still tweet us - we love to see pictures of cute cats!)

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