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Nawaab Review

23 November 2015
Nawaab Review

This week we received this review from Sam A – who gets a £10 Amazon voucher for taking the time to write us this.  Thanks Sam! :)

Last week we had a special family occasion to celebrate and, seeing how much we all LOVE Indian food, one of my uncles suggested that we head to the Nawaab Indian restaurant in Longsight – with the main premise being that they offer an all-you-can-eat Indian banquet extravaganza!

Not having eaten here before, I didn’t know what to expect – on arrival, it seems that the place must be very popular because it was, quite simply MASSIVE!  There must be space for about 500 people to sit and eat in the main restaurant, and I’m told that there are three or four other catering areas where they do weddings!

The service was very slick, and, I guess the best thing about it is that you can quickly make your way over to the buffet area and get served: whereas normally going out with 15 other people can feel like a real chore (and a massive wait whilst the chef sorts out all the different meals), it was an absolute pleasure to get food within a couple of minutes of arriving!

The one-size-fits-all payment is also a major blessing: we just had tap-water (they don’t sell alcohol here), so it was a flat £15.95 per person.  No mess, no faffing around trying to work out whether your Bruschetta was £4 or £5 or how much the service charge is, etc…

The food was very tasty, and being all-you-can-eat, it encouraged me to try a few different things, instead of just backing off and ordering the same old Rogan Josh.

Apart from not selling alcohol, the only other downside is that they charged extra for poppadoms, but in general, the swift eating and the chance to try new things far outweighed these both.  I’d strongly recommend people try the Nawaab at least once!


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