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We want your Feedback!

22 October 2015
We want your Feedback!

As you will hopefully you will be aware already, we recently relaunched the CityCard website!

The main reason was to make it far more relevant to our modern lives – as well as making the site a lot nicer to look at and easier to navigate, one of the key improvements was making the site ‘responsive’ – in that our website can tell what device you are viewing it on, and then tinker with the formatting to optimise the site to suit you: in layman’s terms, this means having a site which is easy to navigate on a smartphone.

In addition – and, we think, most importantly, you can now store your CityCard on your smartphone – which means you don’t have to carry it with you all the time - you simply present the virtual version of your CityCard on your smartphone to the cashier or waitress at the hundreds of great venues where it’s accepted to access the amazing, exclusive benefits of your membership.

Recently, we asked a few of our members to tell us what they thought of the site, and we got some interesting feedback:

I love the fact that I can access the virtual card on my smartphone, even when I am offline – particularly because I don’t carry a wallet around with me, so I always had to make sure I remembered my CityCard”  Andrew

The new CityCard site looks great and  is a lot easier to use to find relevant deals.  I think the next step is an interactive map to show where the deals are located”   Sally

What do you think?  Do you think there are any areas where we can improve?  Let us know using the contact form or tweet us - @CityCardMCR!

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