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Things to do with your CityCard - Don Giovanni

22 July 2019
Things to do with your CityCard - Don Giovanni

Take a stroll around Manchester and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find cuisine from pretty much every country in the world represented on our streets: burritos from Mexico, steak from Brazil or Argentina, American burgers and fries, Indian curry, Chinese sweet and sour, Japanese sushi… You name it - you can eat it here!

But it hasn’t always been the case, and it’s mainly thanks to the courage and brilliance of the restaurateurs who arrived decades ago and served up their local specialities that we even realised that there is more to life than roast beef and Yorkshire puddings.

One of the first such restaurants was Don Giovanni – the oldest Italian restaurant in our beautiful city.  They’ve been serving up award-winning food and service for over 35 years – just imagine how many happy nights have been spent there now, and how many happy memories?!

And, even despite all the new competition, they’re still going immensely strong: they recently collaborated with the famous Jean Christophe Novelli to make their Christmas menu even more remarkable, their Italian food is as authentic and delicious as it comes, and, if you check out their TripAdvisor page, it’s brimming with compliments for their slick, efficient and friendly service.

It’s thanks to pioneers like Don Giovanni that you can even go out and grab a Thai Green Curry or a grilled Halloumi.  But put them aside - isn’t it time that you checked out what people have been raving about in Manchester for over three decades?

CityCard members get 20% off food at Don Giovanni – check out their offer page for details.  Pre-booking required.

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