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The best employee perks… ever!

22 March 2016
The best employee perks… ever!

At CityCard, we think we’re the best employee benefit scheme in Manchester (get your employer to give us a call to see how we can make your workforce happy by sorting everyone out with CityCards!), but here’s three other amazing employee perks:

Free cake!

There’s a cake factory in the midlands which includes the clause in their employee contracts that, each employee is entitled to take home a FREE CAKE at the end of each day.  If they’ve been working on making chocolate brownies, say, then they get a box of those, or if they’ve been making victoria sponges, then they’re carrying one of them home with them that night!  The employees switch production lines each day, and the whole premise is that management believe they’ll get better quality cakes if their employees are more personally invested in the products (and the thought of taking home a bad looking cake makes them get stuck in).

Not a big cake fan? Well maybe:

Unlimited cheese!

There’s a cheese factory in Yorkshire which allows its employees free, UNLIMITED CHEESE.  The only caveat to that is that it has to be for personal consumption – so you can’t take it home by the truckload.  And at Christmas, the whole workforce get a full round of cheese!  That’s a lot of cheese!

But if you thought that was good, how about:

Unlimited beer!

A local brewer in Holland doesn’t just give their local master-brewers a job – they also get to stay in the company homes which are located on the factory site.  The area is surrounded by beautiful countryside (which makes their beer taste yummier, apparently), but there’s also the added benefit of having beer piped directly into their homes - yes, in addition to hot and cold water, each house has their very own beer tap!

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