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FREE CityCard walking tour

21 September 2016
FREE CityCard walking tour

What do you know about the history of our great city?  Have you ever stopped to look at the buildings around you as you walk around the city centre?  If not, you’re missing out on some fascinating history!

For instance, did you know that the Romans used to live in Manchester?  Exactly!  In the first century AD, General Agricola was said to have been so scared of the brutal and ugly locals that he built a fort in Castlefield to keep them under control.  They also brought wine to the city by the barrel, and therefore almost certainly opened the city’s first ever wine-bar!

And from that humble beginning, Manchester grew and thrived over the centuries (but, barbarians as we were, not so much was written down for about a thousand years!)

In the 1600’s Manchester was a major player in the global cotton game, with cloths being exported all around the world, and ‘Made in Manchester’ becoming a sign of quality (in much the same way that Egyptian cotton is considered today).

In fact, Manchester was so important to global trade that it became the first city outside of London to get its own MP in the houses of parliament - it has been a political city ever since, with the mass anti-corn law and rights to roam movements starting here.  The city was so important that Karl Marx came and worked in Manchester to study the working class populations here (and you can visit the spot where he sat in Chethams library!)


There’s plenty more of incredible stories like this – if this is the sort of thing that interests you, then why not sign up for our FREE CityCard members-only walking tour of the City Centre next week (We’re meeting at 6pm, and the tour will last a couple of hours and take in a couple of Manchester’s best historic pubs!)


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