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21 January 2016
Back to Business…

Whoop!  After three weeks of sobriety (due to willpower or to lack of funds) following the Christmas and New Year festivities, Manchester is back in business this weekend: not only is this Friday PAYDAY for much of our great city’s workers – Hooray! - it is also the home of a GIANT Beer and Cider festival at the G-Mex!

There will be an astonishing range of over 500 (!) beers from across the world, and the organisers are expecting literally thousands of people to be drinking themselves merry during the four days of the festival. 

Based on my rusty mathematics, even working at an unhealthy or unsustainable rate of 20 minutes a pint, to get round to trying a pint of all that beer would take 166 hours, or seven days of non-stop drinking!  And I don’t even want to think about the likely hangover you’d get from that.  Particularly as one of the beers on display this weekend is a whopping 24%!

After over a month of celebrating German culture at the christmas markets, and before we celebrate our Irishness in the St Patricks day celebrations, it seems like a good time to celebrate in a, well, Manchester way: with a decent pint of beer accompanied by some local food.

Entry is £2-6 depending on when you go, and unfortunately, this is one of the venues where CityCard holders don’t get a discount, but hopefully next year we’ll be sponsoring a stand and looking after our members wallets, so that they can focus on their drinking.

Obviously, if you’re heading there, please remember to look after yourselves and drink sensibly!

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