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Putting Manchester on the Map

20 April 2017
Putting Manchester on the Map

At CityCard, we’re always listening to our customers: A few months ago, we held a customer feedback session to find out how you guys were using your CityCards, what offers were working for you, and if you had any potential improvements.  And, after tireless work by our techies, we’re very proud to say that one of your great ideas is now ready for go live!

You said you wanted to be able to see available CityCard offers on a map so that it’s quicker and easier to find one of our deals in the right part of town (e.g. for just before a theatre or concert event, or if you’ve already arranged to meet friends somewhere in the city but could still use a bite to eat).









And maps are now in place (Why not head there now and check it out?

Our new feature makes it super-easy to find and review offers online, and it even works great on your smartphone, so you can be out and about and find the right offers for you.

We’ve still got another few bright ideas to make CityCard even better (and please do get in touch if you have any suggestions or potential improvements) , so watch this space!

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to try out our new mapping facility!

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