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The gift that keeps on giving…

19 November 2015
The gift that keeps on giving…

Christmas is on its way, and the organised people amongst us will no doubt be starting to consider Christmas presents for their friends and family by now.

There are always some people that are easy to buy for - my niece, for example, will love literally anything with ‘Frozen’ written on it: I think she’d be happy with a brick as long as it was painted blue and had a picture of Olaf on it!

But there’s also always someone who you struggle to work out what they would like for Christmas.  Often it’s your mum or dad, or some rich friend who, quite simply, already has everything they could possibly need.

You got through the usual trauma of thinking about what things they like, then realising that they already have whatever your thinking of.  So then you go online, but realise that the only good things which you’d like to get them are way, way too expensive… (I mean, you like them, but not that much!)

And so then it comes down to buying some DVD or CD or other, which they feign interest in when they open it, but will doubtless be placed onto their stack of ‘unwatched, never intend to watch’ DVD’s or worse, on it will end up being peddled through eBay in February!

Sound familiar?  If so, we have the perfect gift for you, and, if you play this right, it will be a gift which gives you something back too: if you get them an annual subscription to CityCard, they’ll have access to great member-only offers throughout the year (they’ll have a smile on their face all year long), it’ll be easier for you to persuade them to take you out to dinner or buy tickets for events, and, best of all, most offers allow members and their friends the same great prices (as long as the member is with you!), so you can save yourself some money through the year too!

This Christmas we have a very special offer of gifting a 6-month subscription for an incredible £25 (Normal price is £35) by using the promo code GIFT6.  Sign me up!


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