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Wow! What a night!

18 March 2016
Wow! What a night!

My head still hasn’t recovered, and my ears are still ringing with the fantastic humming of traditional Irish folk rock, and whilst my head is feeling a little sore, I’m smiling as I write this because I had such a fantastic time.

Upon arriving in Manchester Piccadilly, it was hard not to be amazed and completely staggered by the sheer number of people out in Manchester to celebrate St Patrick’s day: there were literally thousands of us thronging the streets, and virtually all in high spirits and full of cheer – or, I suppose, craic.

The main Irish festival area was absolutely buzzing, with people smiling, dancing and genuinely enjoying themselves – even though it was a school night!

There were so many people drinking Guinness that it almost felt like Guinness should just open up a factory here – I can well believe that at least two Olympic sized pools of the black stuff get drunk in Manchester, if not more.

From the food, to the beer, but above all the party atmosphere at the festival, everything was amazing, and I’m already looking forwards to going again next year (Of course, the festival is also on this weekend, so you can still sample the action, but you’re too late for Paddy’s day)! 

So you can keep your German markets and your fancy French hot chocolate – the Irish know how to throw a party, so give me Manchester Irish Festival any day!


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