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The weather is here to stay

17 May 2016
The weather is here to stay

Without wanting to sound too much like a commercial for junk food, prepare yourself for a mini-fist-pump moment – this beautiful dry and sunny weather is set to stay for the weekend!









The caveat to this great news is that, whilst the sun will undoubtedly be shining on us, the forecasters aren’t predicting a heat-wave, so it’s going to be about 12 degrees (not the 21 degrees and beer-garden weather we had on Thursday last week).  So it’s not quite shorts and t-shirts weather, but at least we’re going to be avoiding the harsh rain, winds and sleet that we’ve seen over recent weeks.

Of course, sunshine brings with it so much opportunity, and so many new places to sit and enjoy the view.  Personally, I’m looking forward to being able to get my golf clubs out again (after about six months of refusing to brave the elements – in part because searching for a lost ball is miserable enough without the rain!).  Another of the guys in the office is already planning a long afternoon of drinking in the sunshine with his three best mates, and the boss is planning on taking his kids on their first ever camping trip!

But the point is that sunshine gets us all out and about a lot more, and all a bit happier, healthier and more friendly.  There’s no better time to be in Manchester than when it’s sunny and the beer-gardens are full.  And of course, the fun last longer if you have a CityCard and can impress your friends and get great discounts at the bars

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