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Manchester beats Liverpool at the Internet

17 February 2016
Manchester beats Liverpool at the Internet

As most of our team come from Manchester, it’s no surprise that most of the office are quite a competitive bunch: we’ll compete against each other in anything from baking (FYI – my muffins are the best in the office) to the speed with which we can make a brew (including filling the kettle) or the accuracy of throwing things at the bin.  

And being from Manchester, there’s also one city that we love to stick it to more than any other:  Ok, beating London is quite special too, but you’ve probably guessed that we’re talking about our North-west neighbours in Merseyside, Liverpool.

So we’re doubly happy to report that Manchester is currently beating Liverpool at the internet by a whopping 220m!  In case you’re wondering, that’s 220m search results on Google: the search term “Manchester” has 552m search results, compared to a paltry 333m for “Liverpool”. 

That means and extra 220m (and rising) number of web articles and sites about our glorious city: I think  that means that we can legitimately claim to be the bigger city on the internet?  But then, I suppose that is to be expected, since we invented it?

Sadly, London dwarfs us with 1,850m search results, but it’s good news that Manchester has double the number of search results than Birmingham (287m), three times as many as Leeds (148m), Edinburgh (142m), and Glasgow (160m) and as many as five times as many as the likes of Nottingham (112m), Sheffield (132m).  And don’t even talk to us about Bolton (98m), Oldham (48m) or Salford (23m)!

Just another way in which Manchester is the UK’s second city… :)

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