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Things to do with your CityCard - Trafford Golf

17 January 2019
Things to do with your CityCard - Trafford Golf

It’s so cold that you have to wear a duffel-coat even just to get to the car. The ground is frozen and it’s slippery and icy under foot.  And where it’s not frozen, it’s so soggy that you find half of your shoe under the mud-line. 

Add in the fact that most places are playing with winter greens (giant buckets instead of holes) and that you’re not even putting on anything remotely close to a pristine green and no, times like this are not ideal times for a round of golf. Indeed, you’d probably have more fun playing golf in a squash court.

But you can’t just sit and wait for your golf swing to go ‘off’. So that’s why real golf enthusiasts are heading to the driving range – a place where you don’t even have to worry about finding your ball after you’ve hit it, don’t have to trudge in the rain/hail/sleet/snow between each shot, and where there’s tea, coffee on chocolate on tap!

You’ll find the biggest (it’s two-storey!) and best driving range in Manchester at Trafford Golf at the Trafford Centre, where you’re able to fire off enough shots to keep your hand in, buy some of the latest gear, or even get professional help (using the latest video technology) to make sure that when you return to the golf course later this year, you’ll be returning there with a smile on your face!

CityCard members get special rates at Trafford Golf – check out their offer page, then get over there!

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