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Manchester - big changes coming up

16 March 2016
Manchester - big changes coming up

With new buildings going up thick and fast in the city centre, it seems that barely a day goes by without having some major announcement about how Manchester is changing – for the better. 

Amongst the news of the arrival of stellar new restaurants and ‘dining experiences’ in the city, it seems there are a near-constant stream of semi-famous London Restaurateurs who are greedily eyeing up the Manchester market: It means an ever developing and more diverse range of eating places are coming in, though we have to hope that they don’t also bring their London prices with them.

We’re also to be given a new £1.6bn railway station, and the railway lines, which have been neglected for decades, if not centuries by our London-focussed chancellors, are finally getting an upgrade.  Soon we’ll be able to travel at speeds of up to 60mph across the Pennines. (Of course, trains into London can go at four times that speed, but 60mph is still twice the speed of the trains today).

Similarly, the motorways which link us to Liverpool, Leeds and Chester will be seriously revamped and expanded, making it easier to travel and do business across the whole of the North – something which is long overdue.  That’s great news for in ten years’ time, but also means there will likely be significant delays whilst everything gets built (so don’t schedule a daily trip outside of the M60 just yet!)

Manchester is finally starting to get the prominence it deserves and the support it needs.

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