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I got my mum cookery classes for Christmas

15 December 2015
I got my mum cookery classes for Christmas

Ok.  I’ve done it.  I sat down last night and forced myself to buy ALL the christmas presents I’ll need this year.  I always do it online, but normally I do it on the 20th and nothing ever arrives in time – which means that, you know how the best part of giving a christmas gift is watching the people open it? Well, I never have that! 

Instead, I end up sheepishly muttering about how I ordered it aaaaages ago, and that I’m sorry, and then, a few days later, I’ll scamper up to their house (usually wearing a cap), dump it onto their doorstep, press the doorbell, and run away, hoping that no one recognised me, (and feeling somewhat guilty for not wanting to stop around for a cup of tea – but you know, if I did that with everyone then it would take me ages to deliver them all!)

On the plus side, wrapping paper is always cheaper if you buy it after christmas day.

But no, this year, I’ve already done it.  And there’s not even any ropey presents in there: they’re all gifts that will go down very well.  I think. 

On the basis that most of my family don’t think I’m capable of writing a blog (and therefore won’t be checking here), I can even share a few of them with you: my idiot younger brother (who is a massive Star Wars fan) is getting a Christmas jumper, except that it’s Star Wars theme and is actually made to help him celebrate May 4th!  He’s a student, so that will clash with his exams, so it even makes sense that in May, he WILL want the force with him!

Then I’ve signed my mum up on a cookery course.  No really.  No offence intended (and I hope she doesn’t take it the wrong way!), but she is always boo-ing that she can’t make nice scones, so, well, now she will be able to.  A gift which will keep on giving every time she bakes, and which, coincidentally, should also pay off with bonus cakes and pastries for me!  Nom nom nom :P

And for my older, sophisticated yet fun-loving sister?  It sounds lame, but I’ve actually bought her a CityCard – she’ll love the members-only discounts she can get at loads of great venues and restaurants across the city, and it will help her to understand that the work that I do really IS important to the City!  Normally it wouldn’t fit in with my budget, but this month you can get 6 months membership for just £20 (using the promo code GIFT6)!  Winner!

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