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Normal is back - we can talk football again!

15 July 2020
Normal is back - we can talk football again!

The pandemic and the lockdown is relaxing across the UK: people are allowed to visit other people’s homes, bars and restaurants are (somewhat) open, and there’s no rules on where you can and can’t go.

Yes, there are face masks (which will likely be with us for a few months yet), and you’re still not allowed to shake hands or sing, but life is returning back to some sort of normal.

Normal is back - we're talking football again!

And you can tell things are back to normal - this week, after all the drama of the last few months, people in Manchester started talking about football again. Talking about pride (and honorary Doctorates) in local boy Marcus Rashford, about dodgy penalties that VAR was supposed to eradicate, upcoming matches, and, most passionately, about Champions League qualification – by one means or another, and by scrapping for 4th place or by getting a court to overturn a big decision.

This is Manchester. We’re a football-mad city, and whether you’re red or blue (or any other colour for that matter!), it’s great that we’re back to talking about football again. Sure, it was fun to be so idle that we got bored into doing some exercise, but watching other people do exercise (better) is much more enjoyable! It was great to celebrate the NHS, but it’s even better to celebrate a goal.

The season continues for the rest of July, then there’s the drama as the European cup competitions get sorted in August, and the transfer window will run and run and run until October 5th this year!

So much to look forward to!

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