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Exclusive Offers Coming Soon

15 March 2018
Exclusive Offers Coming Soon

CityCard members feel good every time they use their CityCard at over 130 venues across our great city. 

They feel it when they get money off their food in nice restaurants, or when they get special rates at hairdressers or barbers.  They feel it every time they get special extras thrown in at spas, discounts at bars and nightclubs, or even when they save cash each and every time they take someone to visit a tourist hotspot!








Over the last eleven years we’ve been running, we reckon we’ve saved the people of Manchester well over £20m!  That must surely convert to at least 20m smiles?

But wait, there’s even more good news on the way – CityCard have been specially selected by one of the most exciting and creative companies in our city to be their exclusive partners, enabling us to offer the sorts of discounts that you just won’t be able to find anywhere else – and to put more smiles on the faces of the people of Manchester.

We’ll post more about it once all the details are finalised, but we’re genuinely thrilled that people see the value in embracing CityCard and our members, and we look forwards to another decade of spreading more good news, more special offers and discounts, and making a difference to the people who live, breathe and work here (and want to enjoy themselves, without breaking the bank!).

Watch this space!

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