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Manchester Wins

14 September 2016
Manchester Wins

Another BIG game of football in Manchester, and the city came to a standstill as we watched the two heavyweights of English football come at each other.  









In the end, and after a tetchy affair, it was the blue side of Manchester who came away celebrating, and the reds who now have unfinished business with their rivals, and who will no doubt be champing at the bit to make amends.  But the main thing is, regardless of the result, the real winner was Manchester.

We now have two super-clubs who are spreading the city far and wide.  Mention you’re from Manchester in pretty much any corner of the globe, and you will almost certainly get asked whether you’re for City or United.  In Asia, they follow the premier league almost as passionately as we do in the UK, and Manchester is known in deepest darkest Africa and America.  I once went on safari in Kenya and some tribespeople in a remote tribe in the Serengheti were like ‘What was the United score?’

As well as spreading the name of our city, the clubs – and their official supporters clubs of millions of people – encourage people to get on planes, trains, ferries and buses, and get themselves to a stadium in Manchester for a match-day.  They create a romantic feeling of how you can only be a real fan if you actually watch a match live.  Those ropey sports TV competitions to win ‘Premier league experience trips’ in Indonesia regularly get over half-a-million people ringing in!

This is also seen in the stadium tours (of both clubs), which are both now one of the top tourist attractions of the city in their own right.  CityCard members get 20% discount off the United and City stadium tours - book a place on a tour for you and three friends or family NOW!

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