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Manchester weather…

13 October 2015
Manchester weather…

And so it begins.  Temperatures started their annual tumble over the weekend, dropping to as low as eleven degrees, and the weathermen are not forecasting much of a recovery before March.  Across the city, central heating systems are (reluctantly in my house at least) slowly grinding back to life, to help people through the Mancunian weather.

Of course, winter brings with it short days and long nights, a certain delightful cosiness – either from being able to sit next to an open fire, or, better, sitting in a warm bar or pub and whiling away the hours whilst the rain/sleet/hail/high winds pans it down outside.  We can show you where to get the best cosy eats in the City Centre!

That’s not to mention the chance of a bit of snow - when the white stuff comes down, it also brings heap of excitement  (for the first two days, closely followed by a couple of days of indifference and minor disruption, and, after four days, general all-round misery and depression, when even the kids are bored of it).  Everywhere – even the Arndale – looks prettier in the snow!

Winter also bring us the Christmas markets - when Germans and wooden stalls take over much of the city centre for a month – and Christmas itself, with all its feelings of warmth and festivity, and with the office secret santa’s, parties and meals which variably descend into early nights or what can best be described as ‘shenanigans.’

Whilst I write this, I’m smiling: Yes, the temperature drops for 6 months, but it just brings even more opportunity for fun in our great city.  Enjoy it! :)

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