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The best thing about Manchester

13 August 2015
The best thing about Manchester

It’s not often that we argue here in CityCard HQ, but this one really got us thinking: just what is the best thing about Manchester?

For our sports-loving Manager, he loves the fact that there’s so much top class sport going on: from the obvious attractions of our world class football teams (United and City, in case you are wondering!), but also the brilliant Velodrome, where we witnessed recent record breaking feats of international importance, and the city is also, believe it or not, a key centre for the world of Squash. 

Then there’s the cricket at Old Trafford, various quality rugby teams (of both codes), basketball and ice-hockey, greyhound racing, and even speedway.  With so much sport going on around Manchester, it’s a wonder that he even finds time to actually play any sport himself!

For our finance bod, the thing he likes best is that there’s so much variety, and yet that the city still feels small enough to be homely.  He’s spent time living in London “which is far too big and impersonal”, and moved up North (persuaded by his lovely girlfriend) to find the atmosphere warm and cosy, and the city centre something so big that you can’t get bored, but not so big that you can’t get around on foot. 

And big enough to be a cultural centre, where there’s art galleries, important museums and pioneering theatres, but small enough that you don’t have to book two years in advance to visit any of them.

For me?  Well, I’m a musician, so I get most proud when I go abroad and people start to talk to me about Oasis, the Stone Roses, et al, who have really put Manchester (or Madchester) on the map. 

There’s no other city outside London which has the range of music acts and shows as Manchester: from indy rockers in your local pub, breaking artists in the Academy venues, through to world class performers in the Apollo or the Not-MEN arena.  Even Liverpool don’t come near.

And you?  What do you think is the best thing about Manchester?  Tell us @CityCardMCR

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