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Why We Love Manchester

12 August 2016
Why We Love Manchester

It’s exactly times like these that I often wonder: why the heck to I live here? 

The weather has been complete tripe all week, and, whilst practically everywhere else in the world enjoys pleasant summers of sunshine and cool beers, sometimes it seems like all we ever get here is an annoying and persistent drizzle, coupled with grey skies, and having to sit inside in dark and dingy pubs.

But worry not, Manchester fans, this isn’t a miserable blog about the weather, this is a blog about the great things that happen in Manchester which more than make the weather bearable!

Obviously, we’re the capital of football, if not sport, for the UK – and we can say that with even more ferocity now that we have the world’s best manager (you choose) and the world’s most expensive footballer EVER! resident here.

Likewise, we can’t be beaten for music.  Whether it’s pop or rock or folk or jazz that your into, there’s someone, somewhere playing that music in this city.  The biggest (and smallest, and newest) bands all play Manchester.

Which leads us neatly to nightlife: given London goes to sleep at 11pm, we’re the liveliest city in UK, with and ever-growing and vast variety of bars, pubs, wine-bars, cantina’s, cocktail bars, champagne bars, etc…
And restaurants.  There’s more per head in Manchester than in any other city (probably), because we all love eating :)

Then there’s the Christmas markets.  No one does markets quite like Manchester: people flock to our city to imbibe that feeling of generosity, kindness and general christsmassy spirit.  It happens here, people!

What is it about Manchester which makes you glad to live here, and helps you survive the summer?  Tweet us about it!

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