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Things to do with your CityCard - Barca

12 July 2019
Things to do with your CityCard - Barca

Ok. Normally we don’t start blogging about the best beer-gardens or places to sit outside with a beer until we’re well into the second week of a heatwave, but heck, we can’t wait forever, so you’ll just have to deal with it and sit out in the rain instead.

CityCard Manchester and Barca

The best part of the city to sample the great outdoors in is Castlefield, where there’s plenty of open-air seating, pleasant views of the canals, and no cars or buses disturbing the peace and tranquillity.  On sunny days, there’s smiles all round, the smell of barbecues in the air, and there is a holiday atmosphere about the place. The whole area thumbs out a relaxed and happy vibe.

And the best bar in Castlefield is undoubtedly Barca, a classy bar which sits proudly in the middle of things. It’s got a great range of beer, but they also do decent food (they even do weddings and big events here, so the chefs are serious), there’s loads of space to sit, and, since the recent make-over, the place is amazing.

And it works for everyone: it’s a place you can head to after work with your mates, but also where you can sit happily and idly watch the world go by all by yourself, just taking in the sights, smells and joie de vivre of the place. 

Put simply: if you’re not happy in Barca, then you won’t be happy anywhere!

What’s more, CityCard members get 25% off food and drink at Barca – check out their offer page for details. Or go ask at the bar…  Incidentally, happy hour is from 4pm - 6pm Monday to Thursday... just sayin'...

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