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5 things to do in the Manchester snow

12 January 2017
5 things to do in the Manchester snow

After a winter of generally mild but grey and miserable weather, finally some good news: it’s going to snow in Manchester!  It’s good news for kids and people that like the snow, at least – but potentially bad news for commuters (depending upon whether you’re allowed to ‘work from home’ instead of making the treacherous journey to work!)









Yes, snow is going to sheet it down on Thursday night, with as much at four inches falling in some areas.  When you wake up on Friday morning, Manchester will be blanketed in pristine whiteness and the whole city super-christmassy!

So what are the best things to do with all this snow?  Well, there’s plenty of fun to be had out there:

1. Make a snowman – go on.  Stop pretending you’re too old for this sort of thing! 

Fun rating: 6/10 (8/10 if you give it a carrot, hate and scarf; 9/10 if you make one with kids!

2. Have a snowball fight – no one actually likes these except the old school bully. 

Fun rating: Starts at 9/10 with the first snowball, but falls to 4/10.  And 2/10 if you’re aiming at strangers.

3. Make snow angels – it’s just lying on the ground, people?!

Fun rating: 3/10 (sorry to all the snow angel fans!)

4. Go sledging / bum-boarding – Elbows out whilst you head to the nearest decent place to sledge – and all the locals seem to know where that is. 

Fun rating: 9/10 (if you have a sledge handy) or 7/10 (if you end up paying through the nose to get one at short notice!)

5. Take a snow-bath – Rolling around naked in the snow after a hot shower / hot tub is not everyone’s cup of tea: it’s certainly not mine!

Fun rating: 1/10 (assuming that that’s the lowest possible score on this scale!)

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