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Using a CityCard

11 April 2016
Using a CityCard

Every so often we get emails from people who, instead of reading our website, email to ask us who we are and how CityCard works?

Well, CityCard is an exclusive club, and, if you join it, you’ll get access to all sorts of great special offers which are just for CityCard holders. 

To access them, you just need to show the waiter, the person at the checkout, or the person on the phone, that you are a CityCard member.  They then give you the special offer, and you end up making some great savings – like up to 50% off meals at some venues, or money off at all sorts of attractions or venues around our great city. 

There’s no limit on the number of times you can use it at any venue – which means you can make some seriously big savings at your favourite venues.

When we started ten years ago, our members were given physical credit-card style membership cards to show to the waiters and such – but in 2015, we launched our brand new website (which is super-informative, so do please explore it!), which means that you can now carry a digital version of your CityCard with you on your smartphone!  That makes it even easier to remember it!

CityCard membership might be paid for by your company (we do some seriously good offers for Employee benefit schemes – ask your HR department to get in touch!), or you can buy personal membership for an annual or monthly subscription.  The monthly subscription is just £5 a month, but that is less that you can save on a single meal out in the city: so after that, you’re winning and the CityCard offers incredible value!

Sign up. Download. Save.

Become a member for just £2 a month and save at over 130+ CityCard venues