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A MILLION pints of Guinness

11 March 2016
A MILLION pints of Guinness

Even though it’s not Saint Patricks day until next Thursday 17th March (so get yourself the Friday booked off work!), large chunks of Manchester are celebrating it THIS weekend.  And on Friday afternoons, it’s not difficult to see why: a beer now is better than the promise of a beer next weekend.

Of course, if you’ve been out and about in Manchester this week, you’ll know that the Manchester Irish Festival has already been up and running since last Friday, and the Guinness will be flowing there until the 20th!

But before you get stuck into a pint of the black stuff, here’s some interesting facts about St. Patricks and St Patricks day:

  • St Patrick wasn’t actually Irish - He was Welsh.  Which almost certainly means that he visited Manchester at some point, what with it being a trade hub back in those days?  He did live and work in Ireland though.
  • St Patrick never tasted Guinness – unfortunately, he died in the year 497, which is a full 1,200 years before Guinness started to be brewed.  In fact, beer hadn’t even been invented yet.  So perhaps a more traditional way to celebrate would be with some distilled water?  No?
  • A million pints of Guinness – Manchester alone will see the consumption of over a million pints of Guinness this week: disappointingly, my research shows that that only enough to fill two Olympic sized swimming pools (you wouldn’t believe how big they are!)

Enjoy whatever you’re up to this St Patricks celebration :)

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