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Cats – Manchester Opera House

10 February 2016
Cats – Manchester Opera House

CityCard don’t just do special offers for restaurants – we also have some pretty epic offers for spa’s, gyms, shops, attractions and events too!  In fact, our partners include the Manchester Opera House and the Palace theatre, where members can get up to 50% off ticket prices!

And I went to the former over the weekend, to watch a production of Cats!  The musical by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. 

Before I give my review, I just want to say that my girlfriend honestly loved it, and yes, I understand how everyone has their own tastes and standards regarding what they find entertaining.  But personally, I thought it was amazing!

In spite of the fact that there didn’t seem to be any real storyline, and it was basically a group of grown men and women prance about on stage pretending to be cats, and dressed and made up in god-knows-what, it was a thoroughly entertaining night!  Even if I'm still not quite sure what a Jellical Cat is!?

I go quite regularly to the theatre, and am pretty open minded about what I watch – anything can be entertaining in moderation - but I have to say I was stunned and shocked at just how much I enjoyed it!  I even caught myself playing the top songs - Memory, etc - on Youtube the day after, so it's safe to say I've got the bug!

It’s made even nice by the fact I managed to pick up a great ticket in the Stalls at a discounted rate - making the show even better value for money!

So, when other people tell you it is a must see and it is acclaimed as an award winning show, my personal opinion is a 9/10 and to definitley listen to them!

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