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Be the Best Boss

09 October 2015
Be the Best Boss

Did you know that you can use CityCard as an employee benefit for your business (or your bosses’ business)?  Oh yes!  And it’s starting to get popular :)

Is there a better way to reward hard-working employees than treating them to a free meal?  There’s nothing quite like a few free drinks at the end of a hard day / week / month / year to help put a smile on their faces and try to build up some team spirit.  

Lame Office Party!Except that most of the time, you can’t get everyone to attend (because people have lives outside of work – what is that about?!), plus you can’t find a place where everyone will enjoy themselves, and – possibly the worst part of forced team meals – there is always the danger of ending up being miserably sat next to that creepy guy from Sales or that bore from Accounting, etc… - Believe us: no-one wants that, regardless of how much free drink you’re offering!

We can’t offer you free meals and drinks to hand out to your staff – but we can offer something even better!  You can buy all of your team a CityCard at fantastic corporate rates - they get a CityCard for a year, giving them great discounts at the best restaurant and venues in town, and you get a happy/happier workforce, who arrive at work with a smile on their faces, are more productive, and make you more money…  You also qualify for a free karaoke-booth at Tiger-Tiger (should you wish to accept it!), and become known as a great manager/company to work for.

So the next time you’re spanking £30+ a head on food and drinks, why not think about spending the same money on something that will last a year, be worth way more than £30, and will help to boost your team morale?  They also make great Christmas gifts…  Just sayin’!

Give us a call or drop us an email and see what we can do for your company  (Or forward the link to this blog to your manager with a ;) and they will take the hint…!

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