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Manchester stands up to racists

09 March 2016
Manchester stands up to racists

If you’ve been following the national news, then you’ll be aware that Manchester and its inhabitants are in the news again today after a video shot on our Metrolink went viral. 

The video records a conversation between a seemingly drunk (or at least a little worse for the wear?) Mancunian, a young Spanish couple who the Mancunian is berating for having the temerity to talk in Spanish to each other, and some ‘brave’ passers-by who jump in to tell him not to be such a racist wazzock, and that people can talk in whatever language they choose. 

After the negative impact of that picture from New Year’s Eve, it’s refreshing that there’s an article that shines a positive light on the city (or at least, on part of it) that isn’t just about sport, but also because it shows the real Manchester: a diverse place, with all sorts of inhabitants contributing to making the city great.

Being Northern is all about being friendlier and more welcoming than our Southern neighbours – regardless of whether the ‘stranger’ hails from Wales or Watford, Spain or Syria – it’s one of our hallmarks, and one of the values that make Manchester than our soulless capital of London, where people avoid eye contact, and don’t smile and make jokes or witty remarks.

One of the people from the video states that he isn’t a hero, but that defending foreigners is something that the majority of people in Manchester would do – and I have to admit, the more I think about the people I know and have come across in the city, the more I have to agree that we are generally willing to speak up for each other, and look out for one another.  So maybe this isn’t news, after all? :)

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