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MUST DO things at the Manchester Christmas Markets

08 December 2016
MUST DO things at the Manchester Christmas Markets

If you’re anything like the CityCard team, then you’ll already have spent a bit too long at the Manchester Christmas markets!  We’re so committed to this city that (at least) one of our team (by chance) has been at the markets for every day for the last fortnight. 









After much (!) discussion, and in the interests of making your trip to the markets as enjoyable as possible (hurry to get there if you haven’t been already!) we’ve come up with a checklist of the must-do things in 2016.

1. Drink a mulled wine.  Forget beer on cold nights like this: instead, keep your coat buttoned up and wrap your hands around the warm mug of delicious mulled wine. Mmmmm-hmmmm!











2. Eat a flame-grilled Sausage.  This year seems to be the year of the sausage, and there are more sausage-sellers than ever before!  Grab yourself one and enjoy the taste of the Christmas markets.  And if it’s too big for you, share it with a friend!











3. Take a selfie with santa.  I did it, you did it, everyone’s done it – and most people have posted on social media to prove it!  This years’ selfie-spot is anywhere near the town hall, and with the giant santa looming large or photo-bombing in the background.  Oh, and don’t get one in front of the talking moose: that was soooo 2015!











4. Buy yourself a present.  Eventually, everyone ends up buying one of those plates that makes garlic crushing really easy, or buying a bag of all those different sausages for a tenner: why bother putting it off till next year.  It WILL happen – you may as well just get it done.  Failing that, you’ll be needing a funny woolly hat next year too, so…!











5. Soak in the atmosphere.  You don’t need money to enjoy the markets – the best part of them is the festive atmosphere and genuine good cheer.  Find yourself somewhere comfortable to sit or stand, and just try and count the number of happy, smiley people you can see.  Yes, there will always be one new-mum who looks like she’s chewing a wasp as she forces a buggy through the crowds, but she’s actually enjoying this too – honestly!

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