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Avalanche Review

08 December 2015
Avalanche Review

In the spirit of the Christmas, one of our team went to new restaurant Avalanche (just off King street in central Manchester) for a Christmas party with a (large) group of friends:

The walk into Avalanche restaurant felt particularly welcoming in the heavy rain of last Saturday night, and it was delightful to step out of the cold and into the warm, vibrant atmosphere within.  The whole restaurant – which is not small by any accounts – was bustling with people enjoying themselves, laughing and smiling, and enjoying the festive season.

Upon entry, the wait-staff were polite and efficient, and kept us well informed of the progress of our table (we arrived five or so minutes earlier than booked), and we were very swiftly seated and taken care of: their team were even happy to help us add a bonus table on to our table, and quickly found us extra seats, place settings, and, of course, Christmas Crackers.  They were also happy to turn down the music a touch so that we could enjoy each others’ banter.

Catering for a group of 15 people is no mean feat, and I’ve been in more than my fair share of restaurants which either send meals sporadically or which compromise on the quality of the food, so that basically everyone gets a meal which they can describe as ‘ok’, but not so here at Avalanche.  Despite the Christmas menu being reasonably extensive (with three or four mouth-watering options for each course), the food arrived together, and, more, it was impeccable.

I opted for the delicately blanched asparagus, an exquisite steak (heck! I’ll get enough Turkey in a few weeks’ time, so I don’t need it now too!), and a generous slab of delightful Tiramisu which absolutely lifted me up, and which set the stall for a fantastic Christmas celebration.   

With a price of £35 a head then you would expect the food to be of an impressive standard, and Avalanche certainly didn’t disappoint – a couple of hours (and bars) later, there were still a number of our group who were still talking about the food!

All in all, a brilliant night, and a venue I would gladly recommend.

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