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Clear the post-holiday blues!

08 January 2016
Clear the post-holiday blues!

Bah!  Christmas is over, the New Year has begun, and here we are again – back at the office desk, with either a renewed sense of enthusiasm for your job if you’re an extreme optimist, or general dullness and meh feeling if you’re not.

I’ve tried many things to try and clear the post holiday blues, but there’s nothing quite like a week of skiing to clear the head, rejuvenate your senses, and bring some positivity back.  The sound of ski’s swooshing, the gently sweeping of your legs, the freedom to own the mountain, the exceptionally outstanding views, not to mention the hot mulled wine in mountain huts.  Ah, glorious.

Of course, if you’re an observant reader, you’ll’ve noticed that my ideal answer to the post holiday blues is, well, erm… taking another holiday!

Which is all well and good, but not everyone can afford the time or the money.  Fortunately, in Manchester, we have the UK’s best indoor ski centre!  A place to ski to your hearts content for just a fraction of the price of a trip!

But you’re right – it isn’t quite the same: ChillFactorE isn’t a four hour cramped plane ride away, nor a coach trip down a windy road, or a scary drive through a blizzard.  It isn’t hard to find, it doesn’t get extreme low temperatures, the snow is always guaranteed, it’s dead easy to find somewhere to rent ski’s, there are no annoying reps, you don’t have to exchange any money, and it isn’t £8 for hot chocolate.  And it’s only a short drive away, and you get to sleep in your own bed :)

And, what’s more, CityCard fans, CityCard members get a whopping 25% off some ski-passes using the promo code CITY25.  

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