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Politics Takes Over

07 October 2015
Politics Takes Over

And so the conference season hits Manchester again, and what with the Conservatives bringing up a few thousand of their supporters coupled with the various masses of anti-austerity protesters who have set up shop in our great city for the week, Manchester is certainly a busy and buzzing place to be!

There are some who will say that we should be proud that the Government have chosen our city to be ‘their’ place outside London (and, you have to wonder, possibly this is as far North as most of their MP’s have ever been), though having them use the streets and squares and venues of our city as their shopfront doesn’t seem to chime with everyone - indeed, head into the city centre and there are many obvious displays of where the Tories are not welcome.  

Despite their swagger in front of the camera’s, it seems that the Tory top brass know their now universally welcomed: observe their statements for all their delegates to avoid showing their access passes in public (for fear of reprisals); witness the huge walls which have been built up to shield the politico’s from the general public - heaven forbid that they should have to actually meet and talk with some of the people who voted (or didn't) them in to power?!

On the positive side, the conference has filled the hotels and restaurants of Manchester for the past week – it's just a shame all those Rosso and River Bar and Grill dinners are going to be classed as expenses, and we'll be the ones left picking up the tab!?

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