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Things to do with your CityCard - Stay Urbana

07 June 2019
Things to do with your CityCard - Stay Urbana

Manchester is a place to be.  It’s most famous for its football and its music, but with so much happening in our great city – from International Festivals to sporting events, to markets and all round general fun – it’s no wonder that people flock to visit from miles and miles and miles around.

CityCard Manchester and Stay Urbana

Of course, being Manchester-based, because it’s a desirable place to be, you’ll no doubt have had friends or relatives who want to come here.  Whether they’re invited by you or by themselves (or foisted on you by a parent!), whilst it’s great to have them around for the few days of their visit, it’s also sometimes a massive b-ache to have to hand over part of your own house, flat, apartment, boat, caravan, whatever to accommodate them.

They make a mess of the kitchen or bathroom or, worse, both.  They eat all your food, hog the shower (what are they even doing in there?), force you to politely watch their rubbish TV choices, and generally, dare I say it, get in the way.  It’s even worse if they visit when you have to go to work, as then you come back to find they’ve reorganised all your furniture, rummaged around your house, and tried to be ‘helpful’.

But worry not CityCard members, because there is a solution: we have an exclusive deal with Stay Urbana in the edgy Northern Quarter which means they can stay in a luxury 2-bedroom serviced apartment in the city centre for just £99/night.  If there’s more than a couple of people visiting, that works out cheaper than a hotel, and if there’s more than that, then even more so.

So get them booked in there (or give them your digs and book it for yourself!), and you can rest easy. Then you can continue to be friends with your guests even if they stay all week!

See the Stay Urbana offer page for more details.  Happy holidays!

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