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07 June 2016
Register to Vote

The news is getting more and more worrying as opinion polls show that there’s now a majority of people who will vote for Brexit and all the mire of calamity that that will bring.

There’s still three weeks to go, granted, and the remain campaign haven’t really pushed many compelling reasons for staying (beyond the ridiculous World War III and similar scare-stories), but I have been even less convinced about the arguments for why leaving the EU wouldn’t be a massive step backwards, both in the short and long term.

The Leave rhetoric seems to be about what might happen to our economy and controlling our own borders, but it’s all a bit too much ‘finger in the air’ for me, and there is no way that anyone can accurately predict what will happen – much less a bunch of clueless members of the political elite who openly dismiss what the relevant experts in each field have to say.

And yet, there must be people out there (in fact, about 53% of the population?) who watch these politicians peddling their lies, and believe them: that the problems of our generation are all due to a few hundred thousand migrants, and not the general mismanagement of our ruling classes for government after government.

Today is the last day for people to register to vote in the referendum – so if you haven’t yet, Manchester, please, you need to sign up and vote!

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