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Manchester's Best Beergardens

05 May 2017
Manchester's Best Beergardens

Ok, it looks like the weather gods might (finally) be favouring Manchester this weekend, with sunshine forecast, and the mercury might hit the dizzy heights of 19 degrees. 

Elsewhere in the world, 19 degrees would be considered a cold day - or certainly nothing to look forward to – but here in Manchester, it’s enough to get everyone excited, and, in the traditional Northern way of celebrating, everyone eats and drinks way too much!

But where are the best places to enjoy a cold beer in the sunshine in Manchester?  There’s obviously loads of places, but here’s a few of our faves:









Barca, Castlefield

Nothing says ‘Summer in Manchester’ like sitting in their beer garden in Castlefield.  It’s in a beautiful location overlooking the canal (and relaxing to be away from all the traffic), there’s plenty of outdoor seating, and they’ll even stoke up a barbecue for particularly sunny days.  Bliss!  The only potential downside is that it’s on a popular route for runners, who can make you feel a little guilty as you tuck into your third burger…

Atlas bar, Deansgate

Another spot away from the hustle and bustle of the city is nearby Atlas bar – where their beer garden to the rear of the bar helps you to forget the stresses and strains of the day.  It’s not a massive beer garden, so get there early if you want a good seat (as if you needed any other excuses…)

The Oast House, Spinningfields

The Oast house is always a treat to visit, with its quirky design and interior, and it’s usually thronging with people - but on a sunny day the atmosphere spills right out and there’s a massive seating area in which you can bask in the sun.  Another benefit of sitting outdoors is that you can smell what’s cooking at their grill…

You should also check out Rain Bar and Sinclair’s Oyster Bar if you need to make a crawl of it…

Did we miss one?  Where are your favourite outdoor bars in Manchester?

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