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Bonfire Night

04 November 2016
Bonfire Night

Pack away your rubber masks, blood-stained clothes and funny wigs, and forget the American nonsense of Halloween for another year: it’s time for a Great British tradition to take centre stage, accompanied with fireworks, toffee apples and a giant fire – yes, it’s bonfire weekend, and bonfire night even falls on a Saturday this year.









For visitors to this great city, let me explain: ‘bonfire night’ is when we brits build massive piles of wood to burn in the evening so that we can commemorate the great gunpowder plot of 1605!  That’s when someone (well, Guy Fawkes) attempted to blow up the houses of parliament in London to do away with the terrible government and political classes once and for all! 

Alas, his plan failed, Guy Fawkes was caught and was brutally maimed and killed.  The actual reason we celebrate is, erm…  is it supposed to be a warning to the rest of us about not taking on the political elites?

Regardless, it’s celebrated with getting warm around a big fire, meeting friends, and watching a firework display in your local park, getting your boots muddy before heading to a local drinking hole to spend the rest of the night in merriment and fine company!

There’s loads of displays taking place across Manchester – practically every little community has one – but the MEN have listed some of the biggest ones here

Disappointingly, there is no longer one in central Manchester: there used to be one in front of the town hall in Albert Square, which was fed on unwanted books from the Central Library until 1917, but I assume this was when the war stopped play and the Health and Safety police started to raise their ugly heads!


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