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Manchester prepares for the Olympics

04 August 2016
Manchester prepares for the Olympics

No, not us, Manchester, but the New Zealand Olympic hockey player, Devon Manchester, who is readying himself for the mens hockey tournament of his lifetime.

But of course, Manchester is also preparing for two weeks of sporting festivities and glory which will help us forget about corruption, doping and politics, and with which we might also wrestle back the attention of that friend(s) who is obsessed with Pokemon Go!

Rightly or wrongly, it’s unfortunate that most of the action is taking place in Brazil, which basically means that the most important events – including the opening ceremony this Friday at midnight – take place well after most people over here will have gone to bed.  Particularly on a school night.

There’s talk about how that Super Saturday from 2012 could be re-lived (with Farah, Ennis and that ginger long-jumper all in action on the same night again) – except that it’ll be Super Sunday when you convert it back to our UK time-zone.  Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it would be nice to come in after a night out and watch some real sport instead of late-night poker!

We’ve not yet heard of many bars who have committed to staying open for the Olympics, so if you know of any, then do please let us know by contacting un via twitter or email :)

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