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Review - Shere Khan, Rusholme

04 March 2016
Review - Shere Khan, Rusholme

There used to be nothing I liked more than heading down to the famous Curry Mile Everything was so new and exotic back then, and curry was just starting to find it's feet as it grew to become one of the UK’s most popular national dishes. 

Naturally, you’d end up feeling stuffed, having been unable to stop yourself from feasting on the oriental treats, and having gone wild and over-eaten on the poppadoms and starters.

It’s been a while since I was last in Rusholme – what with the city centre restaurants being so good these days – but I was back there a couple of nights ago at the Shere Khan restaurant: one of the oldest and most well known Indian restaurants on the strip.

Whilst the ‘mile’ has lost a little of its vibrancy and liveliness, with restaurants being replaced by jewellers, fried chicken shops and sweet pastry shops, the food is still well worth the journey out there.

The poppadoms arrived with a range of delightful dips, the starters were cooked to perfection, and each one of the six people in our group enjoyed their main meals (one person did complain that his Madras wasn’t hot enough – but I’ve heard him complain about anything in the past).

The restaurant itself was neatly turned out, the waiting staff exceptionally attentive to our needs, and they helped to turn a lowly birthday meal into a proper celebration.

And yes, I ate far too much, but I enjoyed every mouthful.

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